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Hi Paul, I'm so happy you didn't have that second response. Go figure is right. Plus Go Figure is what you do for a living so you must be frustrated and/or puzzled all of the time.

How is it possible to know if vaccinations are causing our symptoms when it doesn't feel different no matter what happens? I even had COVID and didn't even notice, compared to my husband who thought he was dying.

I have had all vaccinations, including COVID, flu and shingles and I did get super sick after the Covid ones, but it just felt like my usual, weekly flare-ups.

Plus before these hideous ME, fibromyalgia, CFS and MPS diseases I never had a cold or the flu my entire life! Had you? Did you have vaccine responses before your illness?

So is this obvious immune system fuckery, like my immune system has worked a little too well all these years? I don't have an autoimmune problem. And I've never been afraid of vaccinations, until now😉.

I'm so confused.

I'm one of your fans, one who seems to have identical symptoms to yours.

But again, whew on that second shingles shot!

Take care,

Jody Eastman

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Many colds over the years, sometimes too many. The most obvious explanation for my troubles is post-viral syndrome: it all started after a particularly vicious infection in early 2015.

I’d never had any noteworthy reactions to any vaccines before that, but I also hadn't had very many of them — mostly just the annual flu shot.

After that, but before COVID (2015-2020), I did start feeling reluctant to get the flu shot, and even skipped it a couple years. I don’t remember exactly why, it’s all a bit hazy. I don’t know if the side effects actually got worse, or it’s just that I already felt so nasty that I didn't want to voluntarily sign up for feeling even worse, but I suspect a bit of both.

And then came the COVID vaccinations, which all had spectacular side effects.

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